Curtain tracks

Please call 0116 278 3084 for a quote or email

Where space is limited, tracking provides a cost-effective method of using and storing drapes and cloths. We recommend the Foyal range of tracks and fittings, which we can specify and and install to your needs.

These can be either a single track where the curtain is pulled manually or a corded track with overlap where a pair of curtains can be opened remotely by pulley.

When calling for a quote we will need to know:

  • length of track required
  • whether it overlaps in the middle
  • what will be hung on it and how this is fixed (e.g. hooks or velcro)
  • what is the track fixed to (ceiling, wall, theatre grid etc)
  • what type of operation (pulled across manually or remotely operated by pulley

Please note we do not do electrically operated systems.