Drapes & Tracking

Drapes or Theatrical Curtains

Please contact us if you require a quote for any of the following:

  • Replacement "Tabs" or Stage Curtains
  • Replacement backcloths and wings for a stage or drama space
  • New blackout curtains for windows and doors in a hall or studio

We can quote for Flame retardant drapes in lined velour, Accolade, Wool serge and many other fabrics

We can also quote for floor cloths,Dance floors, scenic canvas, slash curtains, projection fabrics, gauzes and cycloramas.


Where space is limited, tracking provides a cost-effective method of using and storing drapes and cloths. We recommend the Foyal and Hall range of tracks and fittings, which we can specify and and install to your needs.

These can be either a straight or curved single track where the curtain is pulled manually or a corded track with overlap where a pair of curtains can be opened remotely.