How to Order Theatrical Curtains

Please call on 0116 278 3084 for a quote. Please have the following information available:-

  • Type and colour of fabric (See our colour guide)
  • Width of the track, window or opening
  • Height from track to floor
  • Fullness required in the curtain (expressed as a percentage of extra fabric)
  • Fixings to the track if this is already in place (e.g. hooks, velcro, ??)
  • Finish required on the edges and bottom. (Bottom can be weighted, or may be stretched with a conduit in a pocket)

A picture that you can email us can also be useful.

Please note that when installing both a track and curtains we will build and install the track first. Once this is installed we will then take the final measurement for the drop of the curtains. The curtains will not be made up until this point, so please allow for the installation to be staggered over a couple of weeks.