Portable Lighting Kits

We have our professional quality portable lighting kits available in various combinations including LED versions. They come with lighting stand and storage case.

One kit can be used as a stand alone item, or kits can be linked together to allow their control remotely from a control desk. The basic kit has a 15A dimmer pack and plugs, and is recommended either for a small starter kit or to complement installed overhead lighting. Maximum height of the stand is 3.35m. One dimmer pack allows up to six 500W lanterns to be plugged in and controlled by using the 3 faders on the front. Alternatively kits can be connected and controlled remotely using a control desk such as a Zero 88 Juggler (twin preset).

3 fresnel lanterns are supplied as standard. These lanterns are ideal for general wash lighting with their soft edged beam. A fourth fresnel lantern may be added, which can be paired with one of the others, or a profile lantern can be added, for a more precise beam.

Please call for prices for purchase or hire.